North America

Deforestation doesn’t get talked about enough. Sometimes, it’s hard to even see it happening, especially here in our cozy cities filled with streets, lampposts, and businesses on every strip. But, the fact is, deforestation happens everywhere, even in North America. From the United States to Canada and Mexico, trees are being chopped down faster than they can grow. Someone has to step up to the plate to regrow our forests, or else they will be cut down and go away… perhaps forever.

That’s where All Clean California and you step in. We’re committed to providing eco-friendly junk removal services. Now, we’re taking it one step further by teaming up with OneTreePlanted, a tree planting charity. Here’s how it works: when you book one of our services, we’ll plant a tree under your name to help regrow the forests of North America.

Sustainability is important to us, so an opportunity to sustain the forests of this lush, beautiful continent is something we wouldn’t want to miss. How about you?

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Let’s Regrow a Tree Together.

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