Deforestation affects places all around the world, including Africa. When forests are gradually chopped down, it’s not just the trees that suffer, too. Animal habitats are destroyed as the natural balance is disrupted. Once-fertile soil becomes dry and lifeless. Even watersheds—the natural formations that drain water back into seas and rivers—are unable to do their job when forests vanish over the months and years.

All Clean California aims to bring back the African forests and restore the balance of these beautiful ecosystems. Our eco-friendly junk removal services already help the planet with their lowered impact on local landfills, but now, we can help lands far away, too. And, what’s more, we’re teaming up with you to do it. When you book an appointment with us, we’ll plant a tree in Africa as a token of gratitude to our clients and our planet. Interested? Then take a look at our Services and see how we can help you.

From Ethiopia to Uganda, we can make a difference. Partner with us and OneTreePlanted, the best reforestation charity, today. Let’s promote sustainability together!



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It’s Time to Plant a Tree Together

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